About STK

When STK was first established we, the directors,
asked ourselves two fundamental questions:

  • What will our business deliver to our future customers?

  • What will the customers see when they look at us?

The first question was easy, we are a Fire and Safety consultancy. The second question took a while, as we wanted the values that lived by as Emergency Services Officers to be the cornerstone of any future successful business.

So when you engage STK you will get people from a company who are guided by the following principles:

  • Respect people

  • Always go an ‘extra mile’ for the customer

  • Look to build long-term relationships

  • Acknowledge when we make mistakes and improve afterwards

  • Keep all our knowledge up-to-date

  • Deliver a top class product at a manageable cost

  • Remember where we come from and how to avoid our customers experiencing incidents that we have seen
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