Equality & Diversity


At STK all persons are expected to be treated with respect regardless of background, gender, age or sexual orientation.

STK recognises the special needs of disabled persons when it comes to evacuation of premises and ensures that any such work is managed in a practical but dignified way.

When STK engages with any new Associate (Sub-Contractor) the specialist nature of the work means they usually have a Fire Service background and have undergone extensive training in the subject of Equality and Diversity.  However, before recruiting and during the induction and mentoring stage STK ensures that they are aware of our continued responsibilities to Equality and Diversity whilst on-site or in the office environment.

Our policies and approach to diversity has been shaped since its inception based upon feedback during these stages.

Each Fire Risk Assessment and Health and Safety audit is delivered with a feedback form which carries a specific question about our how our Assessors carry out their work on-site.  Equality and Diversity is included in this section.

When STK carries out Fire Risk assessments all our templates (for the differing sectors) contain specific sections with regard to Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs).


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