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5 step journey to a Safe Work Environment :

Make the Initial Call




Contact us at STK Fire and Risk Management and one of our friendly-staff will discuss your individual requirements.


Identify the requirement




We will discuss in great detail any technical information and we will explain what it means to you in plain English. We often carry out a visit to your premises to ensure we fully understand what you need.


Implement the Solution




STK Fire and Risk Management will offer up solutions that will ensure you are compliant with the law, and discharge your ‘duty of care’ to your staff, clients and visitors. ¬†If you are in receipt of any official enforcement notices let us know we can help you.

Implement solution

Measure our Improvement




STK Fire and Risk Management invite feedback (by feedback sheets) from all our customers in order that we critically look at  ourselves and our products.

measure improvement

Learn and Change




STK Fire and Risk Management are a team who believe you must continue to improve year on year. Only then can we be assured that our customers always receive the best service at a manageable cost.