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Not many people know that from October 2012 you will now be charged for the Health & Safety Executives’ costs for intervention in your company and business. This means they will charge you for taking enforcement action against you to recover all costs.

Here is a snippet from Brian Tinham taken from the new executive policy.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has confirmed that its cost recovery scheme, dubbed Fee for Intervention (FFI), is to commence on 1 October 2012, subject to the usual parliamentary approval. 


Health and safety cost recovery scheme to start in October


Detailed guidance, developed in consultation with representatives from industry, has now been published on HSE’s website, setting out how the scheme will work, with examples illustrating how and when it will be applied.

In brief, FFI will claw back costs from plants found to be breaking health and safety laws – compensating HSE for the time and effort inspectors spends helping to ‘put matters right’ – by which HSE means investigating and taking enforcement action.


Steve Menzler (Director of STK) says that
“Law abiding businesses who are health and safety compliant will not have to pay".

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