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STK Fire and Risk Management (STK) recognises and accepts their responsibilities under Health and Safety legislation. To meet these responsibilities we will:

  • Ensure STK’s Health and Safety policy, arrangements and work systems are in accordance with the Policies of Wolverhampton University at its site ‘The Technology Centre’.

  • Ensure all staff commit to Health and Safety and understand the benefits of having Health and Safety Management Systems, which reduce ill-health and injuries.

  • Ensure Health and Safety objectives are as important as other business objectives.

  • Commit to complying with all relevant Health and Safety legislation.

  • Recognise that Health, Safety and Welfare is an integral part of day to day management.

  • Recognise that healthy and safe staff are the key to the effective working of the business and recognises the need for all employees to contribute to and comply with health, safety and welfare, standards, policies and procedures.

  • Ensure the competence of all employees, by providing suitable and sufficient information, instruction and training to maintain and enhance their knowledge and skills with supervision where necessary.

  • Ensure effective systems of communication are in place.
  • Identify the appropriate manager with overall responsibility for Health and Safety policy formulation and development and delivery.

  • Provide adequate funding and other resources to meet Health and Safety obligations.

  • Risk assess and control workplace hazards and, where improvements have been identified, implement them within our future planning.

  • Develop a culture where it is recognised that accidents can often be prevented using management foresight, effective investigation and managerial action.

  • Strive to secure the Health, Safety, Welfare and Environment of employees, customers and those non-employees affected by our activities, by providing a safe place of work (safe plant, equipment and machinery), with safe access and egress, as well as providing safe arrangements for the use, handling, and storage of articles and substances.

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